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dr. Blagoy Nikolov / 19.07.2023 

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 What are the aligners?

Aligners are a comfortable and effective orthodontic treatment, which means to align your teeth in a period of several months. It uses nearly invisible individually-made trays. Metal braces and arches are not used. Aligners can be taken out while eating or during important events. This means there is less maintenance needed than braces and the treatment is more comfortable than with regular orthodontic appliances. 


Aligners can be used to treat a variety of cases:

- crowding of teeth - when they overlap

- rotated teeth

- teeth with an incorrect inclination

- diastemas - distance between teeth

What does the treatment consist of?

Treatment begins with an initial examination. We will introduce you to the system and its advantages. We will discuss and analyze your bite, the treatment plan and everything else that interests you.

If you decide to start treatment with dental aligners, we will do a short photo session and I will take impressions of your teeth, necessary for a detailed analysis and the subsequent fabrication of the aligners. They will be digitized using 3D technologies. Based on these models, 3D digital models of your teeth will be made at the end of the treatment.


An individual treatment plan is then developed using digital 3D technology. After the patient's approval, the digital models are sent to the manufacturing department and the aligners are made.

After their fabrication, the dental aligners are handed over to the patient. Treatment includes several stages. Each step contains 3 aligners- soft, medium and hard. Each of them is worn for about 1 week. Then proceed to the next in hardness. Treatment often involves more than 1 step. To be effective, aligners should be worn as long as possible, at least 22 hours

Unfortunately, often after treatment is completed, teeth tend to return to the position they occupied before treatment. To prevent this, after the treatment with dental aligners is completed, a final aligner is made, which is worn only during sleeping and aims to keep the teeth in their correct positions.

Questions and Answers

How much does dental aligners treatment cost?

Since each case is different and needs a different approach and number of steps, the price may vary. The specific price can only be determined after a check-up and analysis.

Do dental aligners interfere with speech?

Custom aligners are made to fit your teeth precisely and securely. This allows them not to move during a speech and thus not interfere with it. Even if there are slight difficulties with pronouncing some sounds, these are usually only at the beginning of the treatment and disappear quickly.


Do they interfere with eating?

No, as they can be easily and quickly removed before consuming food and drink. This avoids one of the major disadvantages of treatment with conventional braces, namely the need to avoid certain foods, as well as the retention of residues on the braces.

It is imperative that the aligners are removed before every meal, especially when consuming hot foods and drinks!

Care during treatment with aligners


Although dental aligners are the most convenient form of orthodontic treatment, they require certain care. Your dentist will give you special instructions on how to wear and maintain your splints.

They include:

- Wearing the splints at least 22 hours a day for optimal results

- Remove the splints when brushing your teeth and eating. It is absolutely necessary to remove them when eating hot foods and drinks

- Keeping the aligners clean by brushing in a manner explained by your dentist

- You will be given a box to store the aligners when they are out of the mouth.

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